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About Nightingale

The incomparable Southern California and San Diego in particular, one of the most beautiful parts in America, it’s where you can find many of most famous residents – and the world class real estate they call home.

Despite San Diego well-documented affluence, the housing choices and prices are surprisingly diverse. Housing styles are equally diverse. In addition to the single family houses, San Diego offers town homes, row homes and a number of contemporary high-rises in the down town.

San Diego offers beautiful beaches, parks, family attractions such as Sea World, famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Legoland, Del Mar fair and horse races every summer,  internationally renowned universities and a  number of top public and private schools, incredible restaurants and vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions. Nightingale Realty, Inc. is locally owned and operated Real Estate company in San Diego. We also serve Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles and have local agents in the Northern California who are serving Sacramento, San Francisco, Bay Area and counties.

In addition we can help those looking for land, retail, business opportunities, commercial, industrial and larger investments. When you work with Nightingale Realty, Inc. you’re working with professional, experienced sales people who are completely knowledgeable in the neighborhoods they are working and are aware of the properties available.

Our agents constantly add to their extensive knowledge through specialized training,and broker reviews every transaction to guarantee your satisfaction. We are using  the latest technology and marketing strategies in order to provide you with immaculate service, to earn and keep your business.